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Welcome to the Curtis High School Library!

Hello, I am the CHS Library instructional paraeducator, Ms. Kwon, and I am happy to help you with books, chromebooks, and your printing needs.

Library Schedule:

The library is open on school days from 7:15am-2:45pm.

Closed daily for lunch at 12-12:45pm.

Unless otherwise posted.


Library and Media Center

The CHS library provides a quiet environment for reading, studying and research, as well as a place to connect with friends during lunches.  All school rules apply to the library. 

Library expectations include:

  • Must have a signed hall pass to enter/use the library during class time
  • Books and materials must be treated with care and returned promptly when due
  • Keep our library beautiful –Food and drinks are allowed in the library during lunch, but please be respectful and throw away your trash when you leave the library.
  • Inappropriate use of library materials, computers, or the internet will result in the loss of library privileges.
  • Inappropriate behavior (failure to comply with school rules) will result in the loss of library privileges

Mrs. Kwon provides guidance for students choosing independent reading material in a young adult library environment.  When selecting a book, students are asked to consider the following:

  • Not all novels are for all readers; choose carefully.
  • Be aware of your tastes and preferences in reading. If you select a book and discover as you're reading that it's not for you, return it and ask for help in selecting a new book.
  • Be clear on your family's expectations. Is this a book you are OK with reading out loud to one or both of your parents/guardians? If not, plan to have a conversation with a parent/guardian about the book and why you want to read it.
  • If you're unsure about a book you selected, check out the reviews about the book on a book review website.  
  • Mrs. Kwon and/or a teacher can help you make a reading choice by talking with you and/or showing you how to find out more about the book you have selected and whether it is right for you.  
  • Remember our library policy: "Not every book will be right for every person, but the right to choose what we read is a freedom we cannot afford to take for granted."  (Judith Platt)

Information about using the CHS library will be provided through the student handbook, website statements, back-to-school night presentations, and/or other communication avenues identified by the building or district administration.