Student Progress and Grades

The link to the left will take you directly to Curtis High School's Skyward Grading server. You must log in using the Username and Password assigned to you.

If you do not remember or do not know your Skyward Password, contact Lynda Storset at or by phone at (253)566-5710 ext. 2159.

You can view your student's current grades online. If you would like to calculate your student's current GPA based on those grades click on this link to calculate it:

Type in student grades, all year long classes are worth 1 credit, and all semester classes are worth a .5 credit.

Seniors, please remember:

4 year colleges will look at your grades 3 times during your senior year at the following checkpoints:

The end of first semester: The last week of January

The end of third quarter: The last week of March

The end of second semester: The last week of June

Colleges can choose to revoke any senior's college admission based on any of these three grade checkpoints. If a student falls below the grade point average they applied with on their college applications, colleges have the right to change a senior's admissions status.

Juniors and Sophomores, please remember:

Your cumulative grade point average will follow you from 9th grade forward until you graduate from high school. It is important for you to keep that grade point average as high as you can to keep all your options open when you are ready to choose your goals after high school.

For students choosing to attend a 2 year college:

A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required. However, all students are required to place at college level on the entrance exams in English and Math. It is important to place at college level in order to save yourself time and money having to take credit retrieval classes to make-up for your low scores. It is to your benefit to enroll in Math classes