Volunteer Service


Students attending Curtis High School are required to complete volunteer service with an approved non-profit (501c3) organization, as part of their CHS graduation requirement, each school year. It is important for students to give back and learn the value of helping those in need. Volunteer service also helps students in the following ways:

  • Looks excellent on resumes and job applications
  • Is often a determining factor on college and scholarship applications
  • Is often an excellent networking opportunity for future career goals

Students Must Meet the Following Guidelines:
(Due to Covid-19, the volunteer requirement is currently under review by UPSD.)

  • All hours must meet the required CHS volunteer/community service guidelines for approved activities, as outlined in the CHS Volunteer Service Requirement Information Packet. (The packet will be updated to include the new Xello program for tracking volunteer service hours.)
  • Students must complete the minimum required service hours for each school year: 5 hours 9th Grade, 10 hours 10th Grade, 15 Hours 11th Grade, 20 Hours 12th Grade. Hours completed cannot be carried forward to the next school year.
  • All volunteer/community service hours must be entered in Xello no later than May 1st each school year. (Note, CHS has switched volunteer service platforms from x2vol to Xello during June 2020. Students will access Xello through their upsd83 email waffle.)

Questions? Please contact:

Michael Tompkins, CHS College & Career Readiness Counselor (CCRC)

Email: mtompkins@upsd83.org