College Testing


The PSAT is available to sophomores and juniors who would like to take a preliminary version of the SAT to practice for the official test. High scores may allow students to be eligible for scholarships. PSAT information can be found at

The PSAT Official Test is usually scheduled every October. This year's PSAT at CHS will not take place during October 2020 due to Covid-19. Future testing dates are under review and updated information will be provided once a determination is made.  Please contact the PSAT Test Coordinator at CHS for questions.

Official Student Guide to the PSAT

Four-year colleges may require SAT or ACT test scores if students are applying as a freshman directly from high school.  Subject tests are offered for students who may choose to apply for a specific program or college that encourages it or if students test better by subject. It is highly recommended for students to check with their preferred colleges/universities for their placement test requirements.




The goal of placement is to access skills to ensure students are able to successfully engage with course content, and have the best chances at passing the course.  Local Community Colleges will determine course placements by offering multiple measures. 

Tacoma Community College  

Bates Technical College 

Clover Park Technical College

Pierce College