College Testing

Every two-year or four-year college requires students to take a placement test (or alternatives) to confirm the skill level students are entering college. Higher scores will ensure a higher chance of students earning a spot in the college of their choice.


The PSAT is available to sophomores and juniors who would like to take a preliminary version of the SAT to practice for the official test. High scores may allow students to be eligible for scholarships. PSAT information can be found at

The PSAT Official Test is scheduled every October. This year's exam was scheduled on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. CHS sophomore and junior students are automatically registered to take the PSAT for FREE on the CHS campus. Please contact the PSAT Test Coordinator at CHS for questions.

Official Student Guide to the PSAT

Four-year colleges require SAT or ACT test scores if students are applying as freshman directly from high school. Subject tests are offered for students who may choose to apply for a specific program or college that encourages it or if students test better by subject.




ACCUPLACER is a tool developed by The College Board to measure writing, reading and math skills. This test is used for placement into academic courses required for certificate and degree programs and as a prerequisite for entrance into select technical programs. General information about the Accuplacer can be found at

Accuplacer Test at Tacoma Community College (TCC)

Accuplacer Test at Bates Technical College (BTC)

Accuplacer Test at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC)

  • Register in-person at CPTC Assessment Center
  • CPTC Test Fee is $19.00 (Pay in-person at CPTC Building 17, Room 210)
  • CPTC Test - General Information
  • NOTE: CPTC will allow placement alternatives (i.e. SAT, ACT, SBA)

Accuplacer Test at Pierce College (Pierce)

  • Register in-person at Pierce Assessment Center
  • Pierce Test Fee is FREE for Pierce students.  Non-Pierce students pay $15.00 (Pay in-persion at Pierce College cashier)
  • Pierce Test - General Information
  • NOTE: Pierce will allow placement alternatives (i.e. SAT, ACT, SBA). Please see Pierce's website for details at