College Selection

The COLLEGE SELECTION process can be challenging for any student. We encourage students to visit campuses as much as possible to help students make an educated decision. If that is not possible, college websites have a wealth of information. The key elements students should look at are listed below.

Admissions Requirements

There is usually a checklist on the college website that lists the requirements for each school. This is a great wake up call for students who may need to improve GPA's or test scores before they submit their final applications.

Test Scores

Students can take placement tests multiple times and their best set of scores will be used for the application. As long as the student has an initial test score to send with the application, they can continue to take the tests and submit improved scores after the deadline as well.

Tuition and Costs

College websites usually have a chart based on students who will live on campus and those who will not. This is another wake up call so that students can plan for tuition payments with financial aid, scholarships, and parent support.

Program Requirements

Students who have decided on their major may be able to view the college's program requirements and take classes through Running Start and/or High School that will give them a head start on entry-level requirements.

Two-Year Colleges vs. Four-Year Colleges

  • CHS staff is available to students and parents to discuss the best option for each student.
  • Two year colleges are now offering more four-year degrees as well as developing strong partnerships with local four year colleges to help the increasing costs of college.
  • In-state two year colleges average cost per year is approximately $4,900 while four year in-state colleges average between $15,000 and $25,000 per year and private four year colleges average $35,000 and up.

Technical & Training Programs

  • Technical College or training programs are designed to help students directly enter the workforce through the completion of the program.
  • Most programs average between 6 months to 2 years.
  • It is important to make sure that the certification or degree that is earned is recognized by the industry and will ensure your student the position they want upon completion of the program.

Additional College Selection Information