Immigration Legislation

We, The Curtis Debate Club of the year 2018, resolve the following recommendations on America's Immigration policies:

Section 1: The United States should accept a limited number of immigrants, 70% from a merit based point system and the remaining 30% through a need-based lottery.

Item A: The point system will give immigrants with the highest total priority to immigrate based on the following criteria, listed from most to least critical:

  1. Education
  2. Trade-based skills
  3. Family in the U.S.
  4. Having dependents
  5. English Fluency

The more criteria a candidate meets, the more likely they are to be selected and allowed entry into the United States.

Item B: The Lottery system will have requirements to enter, but afterwards provides a completely equal chance of selection. All winners will be interviewed and processed the same as immigrants from the point system after selection.

To qualify for the Lottery, the following requirements must be met:

  • No felonies violent crimes on record
  • Be in need of aid in at least one of the following categories:
    • Natural Disaster relief
    • Seeking political asylum
    • In an otherwise unsafe place approved by the United States

If one has dependents, they may enter the dependents in the Lottery. If a child wins, their siblings and parents may also immigrate.

Section 2: We hereby declare the practices of sanctuary cities and anchor babies being used for their parents benefit illegal.

Item A: This assembled body hereby calls for the abandonment of all sanctuary cities. It is against the law for anyone to shelter illegal immigrants. It is also unconstitutional for the states to defy federal authority, therefore we will fine all cities that refuse to give federal immigration agents the full cooperation of their police forces in their duties.

Item B: Anchor babies will no longer be able to use their status as U.S. citizens or residents to assist relatives or parents to immigrate to the United States. We frown upon the practice of abandoning one's child in a foreign nation. However, we will not deport the children as it is through no fault of their own that they are left in this situation. They will be found families through the foster care system unless it is possible to find their birth parents.

Section 3: The United States, in an effort to secure our borders with Mexico, will build a fence that stretches across the entire border.

Item A: It will be secured with cameras and guard towers with both human and electronic surveillance. At all sections of the wall there will be units ready to respond within 5 minutes to any breaches or suspicious activity.

Item B: Atop the guard towers will be placed solar panels to both power the wall and nearby cities. This project will be funded by private investment, with space sold to the highest bidder. Panel installation and regulation will be performed by contractors. Any space not purchased will be used for panels to sell power to Mexico and U.S. power companies to defray the cost of the wall.

Gavin Torem