Prevention of Gun Violence Resolution

We, The Curtis Debate Club of the year 2018, resolve the following recommendations on America's policies on the prevention of gun violence:

Section 1: In order to own and purchase guns in America, a license must be obtained, similar to a driver's license. Cards will be issued that prove certification. The requirements for earning a license are as follows:

Item A: Adult license

Each applicant for a license must complete 30 hours of training which will cover but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Proper storage and maintenance of firearms
  • Proper uses and places to use firearms
  • Types of firearms and what each is for
  • Proper use of firearms in self-defense
  • When it is legal or illegal to use, bring, and obtain firearms

In addition to classroom hours, at least 75 hours must be logged practicing using firearms under the supervision of a licensed instructor or professional who uses firearms in the course of their work.

Both of these requirements can be waived for past members of the military or law enforcement.

After all training has been completed, applicants must take a knowledge test and score at least an 85%, as well as demonstrating to an official how to strip and assemble, properly load, aim, and fire the type(s) of weapons that they are applying for a license to operate. The license will only permit the use of the types of weapons that the applicant has displayed mastery of through this testing.

Item B: Licenses for Minors

Minors of at least 14 years of age must complete the same requirements as an adult, however they may not purchase firearms under any circumstance and are only allowed to use firearms while hunting or on private property.

Section 2: Every gun sold will come with a document that gives proof of ownership. The government will keep records matching those of the owner.

Item A: Proof of Ownership

While carrying a firearm, the owner must carry proof of ownership and the card that certifies them to use the weapon. Failure to comply will result in the confiscation of the weapon and a fine.

Item B: Transfers of Ownership

Transfers of ownership must be recorded on the proof of ownership documents, and be reported to the government within one week. If a crime is committed with a weapon, the owner will be partially liable for that crime unless they have previously reported that weapon as missing.

Item C: Minors and Weapons

A minor may not legally own a gun, including through inheritance, until they reach adulthood. If a minor commits a crime with a parent's firearm, the parents are partially liable for it.

Section 3: In order to obtain a weapon, weapon parts, or ammunition, a license must be shown and a background check must be passed.

Item A: Background checks will be conducted by the government, not the store owner. They will disqualify an applicant if any one of the following is not met:

  • Past Violent Crime: Includes but is not limited to assault, rape, battery
  • Mental Stability: If an applicant has a mental illness, they must bring documentation approved by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist that approves of their mental stability and maturity to own a weapon
  • License to operate type of weapon that is being purchased: You cannot buy an automatic weapon with a license for a pistol, for example.

Section 4: In order to reduce the amount of gun violence and death by firearm, we will increase the security and training provided for community spaces.

Item A: Public schools will only be gun free zones for students. Schools will be required to have a certain number of armed adults for every certain amount of square feet, rooms, students, or buildings (to be determined case by case). They may allow teachers with firearm licenses or trained security professionals to fill these slots.

Item B: Any facility that employs at least ten individuals, whether public or private, will be offered incentives for hosting at least one active shooter training course and one active shooter drill annually.