Lacrosse (Boys)

Head Coach: Kevin Leary

[email protected]

Assistant Coach:

Sekou Spenser

Volunteer Coaches: 
 Steve Chittenden
  Jeff Roark


As head coach it is my job and commitment to the community, school, parents, and players that I will strive to accomplish our Vision.  To produce young men that are true to our Mission, by teaching them to believe in and live day to day by our Core Values.

One guiding principle that I aspire to follow at all times comes from Raymond Prior (one of the country's top peak performance professionals).

"It will be easy to stick to your core values when everything is going well.  It's easy to preach core values when your team is winning, everyone is healthy, and team chemistry is good.  Sticking to core values becomes more difficult when you're on a losing streak, you're faced with setbacks, and your athletes may not be doing the right things on and off the field.  Core values begin and end with you.  When you bend and break your core values, you run the risk of losing respect and trust with your team and you send the message that short-cuts are okay.  Stick to your core values.  They are an invaluable resource to build more mentally tough athletes and develop CHARACTER in those around you.

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