Constitution & Bylaws



We, the students, for the promotion of good government, good sportsmanship, student activities, and the general welfare of the students of Curtis Senior High School, establish this Constitution of the Valhalla Yearbook Committee.

Article 1. Name of Organization

Section A

It is resolved that the name of this organization shall be the Valhalla Yearbook Club of Curtis Senior High School.

Article 2. Purpose

The purposes of this organization shall be to:

Section A

1. To create the Valhalla 2018 Yearbook by overseeing the production, sale and distribution of the yearbook.

2. To achieve recognition of all students.

3. To promote a favorable image of the school and achieve recognition of students for their achievements.

4. Promote academic enrichment as a vital aspect of the district's educational mission.

Article 3. Membership

Section A

Membership in Valhalla Club is established by choice through class registration.

Section B

Membership in Valhalla Club is maintained by participating in the class, creating pages, photographing events and being present during class time.

Article 4. Duties

Section A

Duties of

Club members:

  • To create the Valhalla Yearbook.
  • To assist in identifying each student in the school.
  • To achieve recognition of students, sports and clubs through the publication of the Valhalla Yearbook.
  • To organize the student body and their activities into one book.
  • To support the school and the student body through the accurate and appropriate reporting of activities throughout the year.
  • To raise funds for ASB.

Article 5. Eligibility

Section A

Eligibility of Valhalla Club:

All club members must have and maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average.

Section B

Requirements for all Valhalla Club Members during their period of service shall be required to:

1. Create pages for the Valhalla Yearbook

2. Take pictures for their required spread

3. Be in class, on time and actively participating

4. Be available to work beyond classroom time when necessary

Article 6. Amendments

Section A. This constitution shall be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership in attendance.

Adopted on this 08th day of September, 2017.

By: Approved by:

Liz Corbishley

Yearbook Editors