Meeting Minutes


Members present: Jason, Leon G., and Christopher W.

-Members played Star Wars Battlefront
-One member played on his Switch


Members present: Kloei, Jason, Kylee, Sophia, Angel, Corissa, Daniel, Leon, Dwayne, Justin, Vivian

-Students played Nintendo Switch and various board games today
-Some students discussed the possibility to holding a gaming tournament


Members present: Jason B., Rena, Anthony, Christopher W., Daniel P

-Students were playing Star Wars Battlefront
-Some students played a game of Risk


Members present: Amanda, Corissa, Leon G., Christopher W., Daniel P., Dwayne M., Justin G.

-Members played PS4 and Switch games
-Some played Clue and Battleship


Members present: Leon G., Leon W., Amanda, Christopher, AJ, Corissa

-Some members played Dynasty Warriors on PS 4
-A few students played Pokemon on their Nintendo Switch
-Two students played Battleship


Members present: Leon G., Christopher W., Kloei B., and Jason B.

-Played Risk and discussed how to better reach the Curtis High School community.


Members present: Leon Garner, Jason Brock, Leon Walker

-Played Super Smash Brothers Switch
-Discussed how we can increase club attendance -will speak with Mr. Jarvis about a short advertisement in the Rumble.

12/10/19:  No members present

12/3/19:  Did not meet


Members present: Kloei, Jason, Amanda, Leon G.

-Members played Super Mario 1 on the Switch
-Club will not meet next week due to adviser being gone.

11/19/19:  Club did not meet.


Members present: Leon W., Christopher W., Daniel, Justin, Jason

-Members played Smash Brothers on the Switch

*There will be no Gaming Club on 11/19/19.


Members present:Leon, Mari, Jason, Kloei, Leon W., Bradley, Isaiah

-Students played Star Wars Battlefront on the projector
-Some students played Battleship 
-Students played on Nintendo Switch
-Gaming club ended 15 minutes early as club advisor had to leave to coach


Members present: Leon G., Daniel, Jonathan, Christopher, Leon W., Chris, Mari

-Students took turns playing Star Wars Battlefront
-A few students play Super Smash Brothers on the Switch
-A group of students played a board game


Members present: Leon G. Leon W., Mori, Daniel, Amanda, Corissa, Christopher, Bradley, Isaiah

-Students played Super Smash Brothers on Switch
-Some students played a variety of table top board games


Members present: Leon G., Leon W., Daniel, Christopher, Justin, Mori, Isaiah, Jason

-Students played Super Smash Brothers on Switch
-Some students played Escape from Tokyo board game


Members present: Leon, Daniel, Mori, Carson, Leon W., Jason and Jacob

-Students played Super Smash Brothers on the Switch.
-Some students played Munchkin.