Head Coach: Brittany Bibby


Phone: 253.566.5710 x2160

Assistant Coach: Jennifer Landon

2019-2020 Curtis High School Cheerleaders: 
Sienna Ament, Noel Grinsteinner, Carly Hill, Emma Lowery, Kennedy Collins, Tahjane Therwood, Sophia Carini, Karrington Smith, Ellie Hsu, Amanda Nguyen, Carson Harris,Gabrielle Sasson, Laney Alexander, Kaylee Kocott, Zoie Stewart, Charlotte Kiehl, Thalia Garza, KariannaTallmon, Janiya Cole, Annabelle Pepin, Taylor Ramos, Cathy Nguyen, Lily Filkins, Justice Atchison, Abby Klein, Caiya Dunn, Isabella Crosby, Sydney Thomas, Lindsay Thomas, Aurora Sieverson and Ashtin Roy

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