Making Less Expensive Class Handouts

1.  Open up a new Word document and click on the Page Layout tab.

2.  Click on Margins and select Narrow. (The margins can be manually adjusted even farther if necessary.)

3.  Click on Orientation and select Landscape.

4.  Click on Columns and choose 2.

5.  Click on the Home tab and select Calibri, 11 point font.

6.  Type out all your text.  When you've finished typing, select all of it (Control and A at the same time), then RIGHT click and choose Paragraph.  Click in the "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style."   (If you need space between your lines, click on line spacing and choose 1.5.  This is good for fill-in-the-blank handouts.)

Some suggestions for making handouts for your classmates:

 A.  Plan your handouts carefully.  Think about any graphics you want to include and how you think they should look on the page.  Spending time on this now will make it easier later.

B.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete the handouts.  This puts stress on you, your partners, and the librarian, who really wants to see you do well!

C.  Make graphics as small as you can while making sure they are functional.  Left click on a graphic to resize it by clicking and holding on one of the corners and dragging inward.  Release the mouse button when it's the size you want. 

Then, if it makes sense for what you are doing, right click on the graphic and select Format Picture.  Click on the Layout tab, and select Tight.  This will let text flow around your graphic.

If you want to create a quiz, consider using a table to help with the spacing.  The sample quiz below uses a three column table.  The first column is the place for the answer.  The second column is a buffer between the first and last columns.  The third column is for the answer choices.   Tables can be used for other things as well.

To make a column, click on the Insert tab at the top of the page and click on Table.  Click and drag to get the number of columns and rows you want.  You can make the rows smaller by selecting the whole table, right clicking on it, and then choosing Table Properties.  Click on the Row tab, then check in front of Specify Height; type .25 in the box and then make Row Height Exactly.

You can play with the width of the columns and make the table lines invisible, too.  Ask me for help with things you aren't sure how to do!  (See it below!)

1.  ___ What is the square root of 81?

a.   5

2.  ___ What American singer lived in "Graceland?"

b.   apples

3.  ___ In what state would you find the Hollywood sign?

c.  Elvis Presley

4.  ___ Which President was almost assassinated in the '80's?

d.   fortune cookie

As I said, I want you to do well on your assignments.  Talk with me before you print, so we can figure out the best possible way for printing.  I'M HERE TO HELP YOU!