English 12 CRAAP test form

Currency:  The timeliness of the information

· Tells when information published or posted.

· Information is current enough for your topic.

· Links are functional.

· Indicates when information last reviewed or revised.

Relevance:  The importance of the information

· The information is at an appropriate level (i. e. not too elementary or advanced) for your needs.

· Comprehensive/in-depth discussion of the topic.

· Relevant perspective or content.

Authority:  The source of the information

· The author's credentials/affiliations identified.

· The owner/sponsor of the website is indicated (as well as their credentials.

· Contact information (e-mail or mailing address) available

· The author's qualifications on the topic are identified.

· The URL reveals information about the author or source (.com, .org, etc.)

Accuracy : The reliability/correctness of content

· The author's sources have been clearly cited so you can easily find and check them.

· The information is available in other resources (encyclopedias, scholarly journals, etc.), so it can be double-checked.

· The language and/or tone is unbiased and free of emotion.

· There are spelling, grammar, or other typographical errors.

Purpose: The reason the information exists.

· The purpose of the  information is to inform, teach, and to a lesser degree, persuade the reader.

· The authors/sponsors make their intentions or purpose is clear.

· The point of view appears objective, unbiased, and impartial.

· Advertising content is clearly labeled.

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