Career and Technical Education


Mission Statement

The Career and Technical Education Department of the University Place School District will provide relevant programs of study that prepare each student to thrive in their future career. All University Place CTE courses will prepare students to enter post-secondary education and to meet the needs of today's high-paced, competitive work environment.

We Believe CTE...

  • Uses best practices in education to provide authentic application of learning to real‐world situations.
  • Programs prepare students with life‐long skills for citizenship, career, and college.
  • Programs should be an opportunity for all students.
  • Enhances academics including math, language arts, science and humanities.
  • Holistically integrates core standards to provide valuable learning.
  • Provides student‐driven and self‐sustaining pathways with a scope and sequence.
  • Helps students find and connect their vision to their future.
  • Focuses programs and decisions on what is best for students.
  • Supports staff and students to develop unique talents, leadership and abilities to make a difference in the world now and in the future

Career and Technical Education classes are designed to achieve four key goals for students:

  1. Students earn high school credit.
  2. Students simultaneously earn FREE college credits with our local community and technical colleges. (Bates Technical College, Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College, Seattle Central Community College, and Tacoma Community College)
  3. Students learn marketable job skills in a chosen career field.
  4. Students have the opportunity to enter community college with up to one full year of credits completed saving thousands of dollars if they are able to maintain a "B" average or better in their CTE classes.